GPCR Compound Library

目录号 L2200

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100uL/well (10mM solution) JPY 927869.00
2x100uL/well (10mM solution) JPY 1361822.00


GPCR Compound Library内容


  • (B) qRT-PCR analysis and immunostaining of murine HSCs treated with GDC-0449 on culture days 4 through 7 (to inhibit SMO) or culture day 7 SMO-LoxP HSCs treated with adenoviral Cre on day 4 (to disrupt the Smo gene).

    Gastroenterology 2012 143, 1319-29. Vismodegib (GDC-0449) purchased from Selleck

    Hh signaling controls metabolic reprogramming during liver injury in vivo. Immunohistochemistry identifies cells expressing the M2 isozyme of PKM2, a specific marker of glycolytic activity, ( C) inhibited in aged MDR2 -/- mice by GDC-0449.

    Gastroenterology 2012 143, 1319-29. Vismodegib (GDC-0449) purchased from Selleck

  • J Clin Invest 2013 123(12), 5119-34. Doxazosin Mesylate purchased from Selleck

    RU-SKI 43 blocks Shh signaling. (a) RU-SKI 43 blocks Gli activation. NIH 3T3 cells were cotransfected with vectors encoding 8× Gli-binding site (GliBS)-Firefly luciferase (unless indicated otherwise), Renilla luciferase reporter (pRL-TK) and Shh. Confluent cells were treated with DMSO, 10 μM LDE225, 10 μM RU-SKI 43 or 10 μM C-2. The firefly luciferase (FL)/Renilla luciferase (RL) ratio in cell lysates was calculated and normalized to that measured in DMSO-treated samples; error bars represent mean ± s.d. (n = 2–3). 

    Nat Chem Biol 2013 9, 247-9. Sonidegib (Erismodegib, NVP-LDE225) purchased from Selleck

  • PTPH1 confers breast cancer cell sensitivity to fulvestrant. E and F, PTPH1 overexpression increases the growth inhibition by fulvestrant. PTPH1 was overexpressed by a Tet-on system or a stable transfection, and resultant cells were incubated with fulvestrant as indicated for about 2 weeks. Colony formed was stained and counted. Results shown are normalized to its own solvent control of Vector and PTPH1-overexpressed cells, respectively (means ± SD; n = 3–5) with insets showing PTPH1 overexpression. *, versus vector or no Tet cells for E and F.

    Mol Cancer Ther 2014 13(1), 230-8. Fulvestrant purchased from Selleck

    J Med Chem 2014 57(3), 632-41. Raloxifene HCl purchased from Selleck

  • J Med Chem 2014 57(3), 632-41. Bazedoxifene HCl purchased from Selleck

    Eur J Cancer 2014 50(7), 1310-20. Forskolin purchased from Selleck

  • Western blot analysis on total cell lysates from renal cancer cell lines treated with NVP-LDE225 at different concentrations. Densitometric measurements were normalised to b-actin and reported under western blot images.

    Br J Cancer 2014 111(6), 1168-79. Sonidegib (Erismodegib, NVP-LDE225) purchased from Selleck

    The effects of a GPRC6A inhibitor on testosterone-induced ROS generation. Cells were pretreated with the GPRC6A inhibitor, NPS2143 (1 uM), for 30 min and ROS generation was monitored after 5 min of testosterone treatment. Data are presented as mean ?S.E. (n = 4).

    J Biol Chem 2014 289(42), 28835-45. NPS-2143 purchased from Selleck


・Gタンパク質共役受容体をターゲットとした485種類の化合物ライブラリーです。HTS(High Throughput Screening) およびHCS(High Content Screening)に使用できます。


・オーファンGPCR(Orphan GPCR)は機能未知なため、弊社のGPCR化合物ライブラリーを使用することで機能未知のGPCRsを選別し、新たなGPCR標的薬を見出す可能性があります。






調合: 485種類GPCR小分子は予めDMSO溶液に溶解します。
96well: 96 Well Format Sample Storage Tube With Screw Cap and Optional 2D Barcode
安定性: in DMSO
出荷方式: ブルーアイス物流
包装: 不活性ガス(Inert gas)

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