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  • Effects of CP-690550 on NKTCL cell lines. NK-S1, KHYG-1 cells were treated with CP-690550 for 48 hours, and the effect on STAT5 phosphorylation was evaluated by Western blotting.

    Cancer Discov 2012 2(7), 591-7. Tofacitinib (CP-690550,Tasocitinib) purchased from Selleck

    (B) qRT-PCR analysis and immunostaining of murine HSCs treated with GDC-0449 on culture days 4 through 7 (to inhibit SMO) or culture day 7 SMO-LoxP HSCs treated with adenoviral Cre on day 4 (to disrupt the Smo gene).

    Gastroenterology 2012 143, 1319-29. Vismodegib (GDC-0449) purchased from Selleck

  • Hh signaling controls metabolic reprogramming during liver injury in vivo. Immunohistochemistry identifies cells expressing the M2 isozyme of PKM2, a specific marker of glycolytic activity, ( C) inhibited in aged MDR2 -/- mice by GDC-0449.

    Gastroenterology 2012 143, 1319-29. Vismodegib (GDC-0449) purchased from Selleck

    The ROCK inhibitors fasudil and Y27632 prevented SCP2 cell bone metastasis in nude mice (n = 10 per group). Shown are BLI images of bone metastases, IHC analyses of SMAD3 C-tail phosphorylation and PTHLH, osteoclast TRAP staining, and BLI quantitation.

    J Clin Invest 2014 124(4), 1646-59. Fasudil (HA-1077) HCl purchased from Selleck

  • Tamoxifen was administered to adult Psmc1fl/wt and Psmc1fl/fl Pdgf-Cre-ER mice, followed by treatment with fasudil control (4 and 48 hours after tamoxifen). Representative images of Dylight 488-positive megakaryocytes present in crude bone marrow isolated from Psmc1fl/wt and Psmc1fl/flPdgf-Cre-ER mice immediately after euthanasia. Bone marrow for these studies was isolated from a subset of the mice in A (n=2 per treatment group). Scale bars: 100 um.

    J Clin Invest 2014 124(9), 3757-66. Fasudil (HA-1077) HCl purchased from Selleck

    IL-6- supported INA-6 cells were treated with the JAK inhibitors ruxolitinib (Rux; 10 nM) or CYT387 (CYT; 50 nM) for 1 hour and assessed for inhibition of STAT3 phosphorylation by immunoblotting.

    J Clin Invest 2014 10.1172/JCI69094. Momelotinib (CYT387) purchased from Selleck

  • RU-SKI 43 blocks Shh signaling. (a) RU-SKI 43 blocks Gli activation. NIH 3T3 cells were cotransfected with vectors encoding 8× Gli-binding site (GliBS)-Firefly luciferase (unless indicated otherwise), Renilla luciferase reporter (pRL-TK) and Shh. Confluent cells were treated with DMSO, 10 μM LDE225, 10 μM RU-SKI 43 or 10 μM C-2. The firefly luciferase (FL)/Renilla luciferase (RL) ratio in cell lysates was calculated and normalized to that measured in DMSO-treated samples; error bars represent mean ± s.d. (n = 2–3). 

    Nat Chem Biol 2013 9, 247-9. Sonidegib (Erismodegib, NVP-LDE225) purchased from Selleck

    Fluorescence microscopy of pSuper or Cdo shRNA expressing P19 cells at ITS1 immunostained withβ-tubulin III antibodies. Size bar=100 um. P19/control or P19/Cdo shRNA cells were treated with DMSO or XAV939 in the differentiation medium for 72 h followed by immunostaining.

    Nat Commun 2014 5, 5455. XAV-939 purchased from Selleck

  • STAT3 phosphorylation as determined by phospho flow, mixed lymphocyte reactions containing BALB/c spleen-derived CD4+ T cells co-cultured with or without C57BL/6 BM-derived DC preactivated with 20 ng/mL LPS.

    Blood 2014 123(24), 3832-42. Ruxolitinib (INCB018424) purchased from Selleck

    Colony-forming assay results showing that the Jak2 inhibitor TG101348 reduces CFU-GM colonies generated from mutant fetal liver R2 cells. Results from 4 independent control or mutant fetal livers treated with TG101348 or dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) are shown (mean ?SD). ***P < .001.

    Blood 2014 123(20), 3175-84. Fedratinib (SAR302503, TG101348) purchased from Selleck









調合: 99種類の幹細胞小分子は予めDMSO溶液に溶解します。
96well: 96 Well Format Sample Storage Tube With Screw Cap and Optional 2D Barcode
安定性: in DMSO
出荷方式: ブルーアイス物流
包装: 不活性ガス(Inert gas)

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