Sofosbuvir (GS-7977)

製品コード:S2794 別名:PSI-7977

For research use only.

Sofosbuvir (PSI-7977, GS-7977) is a HCV NS5B polymerase inhibitor for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection.

Sofosbuvir (GS-7977)化学構造

CAS No. 1190307-88-0

サイズ 価格(税別)
JPY 26400
JPY 81100
JPY 164100

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製品説明 Sofosbuvir (PSI-7977, GS-7977) is a HCV NS5B polymerase inhibitor for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection.
NS5B polymerase [1]

As HCV NS5B polymerase inhibitor, PSI-7977 displays more potent inhibitory activity against HCV RNA replication than PSI-7976 with EC50 of 92 nM versus 1.07 μM and EC90 of 0.29 μM versus 2.99 μM, consistent with that incubating clone A cells with PSI-7977 leads to a higher concentration of PSI-7409 than clone A cells incubated with PSI-7976. PSI-7977 is an effective substrate for CatA to form PSI-352707 with 18-30 fold more potency as compared with PSI-7976. Unlike GS-7976, however, the CES1-mediated hydrolysis of PSI-7977 does not progress in a time-dependent manner. [1] The S282T NS5B polymerase mutation but not S96T mutation confers resistance to PSI-7977 with EC90 increases from 0.42 μM to 7.8 μM. When assessed in an 8-day cytotoxicity assay, PSI-7977 displays no cytotoxicity against Huh7, HepG2, BxPC3, and CEM cells even at concentrations up to 100 μM. PSI-7977 treatment for 14 days shows a IC90 of 72.1 μM and 68.6 μM for the inhibition of mtDNA and rDNA, respectively, in HepG2 cells. [2] PSI-7977 exhibits potent activity against genotype (GT) 1a, 1b, and 2a (strain JFH-1) replicons and chimeric replicons containing GT 2a (strain J6), 2b, and 3a NS5B polymerase. Sequence analysis of the JFH-1 NS5B region indicates that additional amino acid changes including T179A, M289L, I293L, M434T, and H479P are selected both prior to and after the emergence of S282T, which are required to confer resistance to PSI-7977. [3]


  • 細胞株:Huh7, HepG2, BxPC3, and CEM
  • 濃度: Dissolved in DMSO, final concentrations ~100 μM
  • 反応時間:8 days
  • 実験の流れ:Cells are exposed to various concentrations of PSI-7977 for 8 days. At the end of the growth period, MTS dye from the CellTiter 96 AQueous One Solution Cell Proliferation Assay kit is added to each well, and the plate is incubated for an additional 2 hours. The absorbance at 490 nm is read with a Victor3 plate reader using themedium only controlwells as blanks. The 50% inhibition value (IC50) is determined by comparing the absorbance in wells containing cells and PSI-7977 to untreated cell control wells.

溶解度 (25°C)



分子量 529.45


CAS No. 1190307-88-0
Storage 3年 -20°C
2年 -80°C in solvent
Smiles CC(C)OC(=O)C(C)NP(=O)(OCC1C(C(C(O1)N2C=CC(=O)NC2=O)(C)F)O)OC3=CC=CC=C3



mg/kg g μL


% DMSO % % Tween 80 % ddH2O


投与溶媒濃度: mg/ml;

DMSOストック溶液調製方法: mg 試薬を μL DMSOに溶解する(濃度 mg/mL, 注:濃度が当該ロットのDMSO溶解度を超える場合はご連絡ください。 )

投与溶媒調製方法:Take μL DMSOストック溶液に μL PEG300,を加え、完全溶解後μL Tween 80,を加えて完全溶解させた後 μL ddH2O,を加え完全に溶解させます。

投与溶媒調製方法:μL DMSOストック溶液に μL Corn oil,を加え、完全溶解。



質量 濃度 体積 分子量


NCT Number Recruitment Interventions Conditions Sponsor/Collaborators Start Date Phases
NCT05140941 Recruiting Drug: Sofosbuvir/Velpatasvir 400 MG-100 MG Oral Tablet Hepatitis C Chronic|Pregnancy; Infection Catherine Chappell|Gilead Sciences|University of Pittsburgh April 4 2022 Phase 4
NCT04852614 Recruiting Diagnostic Test: Pharmacokinetic test Hepatitis C Virus Infection Ain Shams University December 1 2020 --
NCT04773756 Completed Drug: Sofosbuvir 400 MG/ Daclatasvir 60mg Covid19 Alexandria University November 1 2020 Phase 4
NCT04382404 Recruiting Drug: Sofosbuvir-Velpatasvir Drug Combination Hepatitis C Chronic Catherine Chappell|Gilead Sciences|Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)|University of Pittsburgh October 22 2020 Phase 1
NCT03903185 Unknown status Drug: Ledipasvir / Sofosbuvir Oral Product Hepatitis C Chronic|Hematologic Malignancy Ain Shams University|Cairo University March 1 2019 Phase 1|Phase 2

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